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Mikey’s Magic!

I first met Mikey on a counselling course some three years ago. He showed an innate ability to empathise and engage with other people who were experiencing very difficult challenges in their lives, both from the past and in the present.

Over the last couple of years the Universe has thrown a lot at me; my father died; my Mum is in a care home; my best friend had dementia; I lost my home; I lost my job; I am nearly divorced!; my teenager is pushing the boundaries.

Had it not been for Mikey over the last six months I might have fallen apart. Instead I have grown stronger, have more confidence in myself and have learned how to turn my feelings of negativity around. To turn from gloom to a goal-oriented future. To believe that I can do what I want to, if I choose to focus on what I want.

Mikey is one of the most genuine, honest and caring people I have had the privilege to meet. He has personally overcome many difficulties and transformed his own life. He is absolutely passionate about sharing the skills and knowledge he has with others, to help transform theirs.

Mikey is patient, kind and generous in spirit and time. He listens carefully, without judgement and focuses entirely on his client. His positivity and enthusiasm are infectious. I have never come off a coaching call with Mikey feeling anything other than uplifted and inspired.

Mikey has, and continues, to make a massive difference to my life and sense of well-being. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

ST, Hertfordshire

A very empowered client

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