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Michael Tritton
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Law Of Attraction Practioner
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Co-Create Life Coaching

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Services And Goals

Create a positive outlook in life with help from Co-Create Coaching. Having me as your coach, you can and will achieve anything you would like to accomplish. I want to know what your dreams are. From there, I will customise a coaching program to take you a step closer to your objectives.

Think about the unlimited possibilities that will happen in your life if you allow your higher self and your consciousness develop and progress to the next level. Let me help you turn your trials into triumphs and your worries into victories.

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Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

There are twelve symptoms of spiritual awakening. Be guided by the following symptoms to keep your soul and mind healthy:

  1. Letting things happen rather than making them happen
  2. Smiling frequently
  3. Feeling a strong connection with others and nature
  4. Having episodes of appreciation
  5. Thinking and acting spontaneously based on past experiences
  6. Being able to enjoy each moment
  7. Losing the ability to worry
  8. Losing interest in conflict
  9. Losing interest in interpreting the actions of others
  10. Losing interest in judging others
  11. Losing interest in judging self
  12. Loving without expecting anything in return


My services are as follow: A free 30-45 minute consultation to discuss what you can expect from coaching and to ask any questions you may have. After this if you are happy to proceed then I will give you a free “taster” session by which you will have an introduction to the Law of Attraction. Another objective of this session is to establish some goals and wants, whilst taking you through a positive experiential process.

You can be assured that if you decide to act, it will be the best experience of your life working towards attracting and achieving any goals that you have in mind and put the focus on them, no matter how big or small.

Coaching fees

I have packages below and the fees for coaching after your “taster” session. This can all be discussed and negotiated at the end of your “taster” session. (Payment is required before starting but no obligation to continue with coaching after free sessions.) 


  • Three Sessions (Three Hours Over Three Weeks) - £85
  • (Recommended) Six Sessions (Six Hours Over Six Weeks) - £160
  • 12 Sessions (12 Hours Over 12 Weeks) - £345 + One Free

Standard price per session - £30 an hour. “Laser” sessions (25 minutes) are also available any time for a set fee of £20. My packages include email, text and phone support in emergencies between reasonable times of the day.

Get in touch with me

If you are interested in taking this amazing journey, I can discuss my various packages after your complimentary coaching sessions. Contact me today to learn more about the coaching process, I am more than happy to answer your questions and queries. Do not hesitate, just ask, you will always get a kind response back :)