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An Attraction Based Universe

Posted on 6 February, 2017 at 7:30

This is an attraction based universe upon where we attract everything to us through the power of our intentions. Whether it is something wanted or unwanted. The biggest question that I ask people is "What do you want from this lifetime?" "I dont know" is usually the answer. This is because we have been trained and conditioned into observing everything unwanted so we then end up focusing on what we dont want.

The LOA reflects back to us everything we are thinking and feeling. It is like a boomerang in the sense that whatever you send out, must and will come back. Like Energy Attracts Like Energy.

Our thoughts work on frequencies so our frequency or "vibration" has to match that of our desires for them to be manifested or realised. Literally everything in the univese is energy and moves through, in and out of form in someway. That includes us!

There are many different processes and techniques to enhance the deliberate creative process, we just have to apply them regularly and make them a part of life so we can achieve whatever is wanted.

The LOA will attract based on your asking for something. We are always asking for things unknowingly, so what if you could ask knowingly and deliberately? What do you think would happen?

If you are feeling and thinking negative then it means you are and will attract more negativity. No matter how bad you might try not to do something bad, deep down if you want to do it, you will end up following through with the intentions. This is how powerful are thoughts and feelings are! Yet if you think and feel more positively, the LOA will reflect back more positivity. This is basically how it works, and it is always working whether we realise it or not. Its like the law of gravity, you cant see, hear, taste or smell that but it will work and do its job, for instance if you fall off a cliff you will go down, its law.

So really we have to allign ourselves to who we really are and allow for good things to happen. Remember Like attracts like. 

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